Hello! if you are reading this, chances are you came to this page to know more about us, you could either just spying us (oopps!) or looking for an actual marketing or branding solution for your company or brand. If yes, you are in the right place! Our creative souls would love to help you as a partner. If you are wondering why should you focus on branding and marketing? Simply because, how much it is important to your business! Come on, you know the fact, that’s why you are here. Let’s talk! 🙂



BARAVENTS is a sub brand by Baraloka that focus on brand activation through real events. Simply, because after all, we believe great branding will not be built enough by involving only online connection. As long as our target audience is human, we need real connections and one of the way is through event activation. Aiming for stronger brand presence? 

 Baraloka is here aiming to help business owners, brands hand in hand to achieve their business goals through aiding on marketing and branding. 


Consulting & Strategy

We believe good brand needs deeper understanding and the right strategy. With this service our team will be meeting weekly with your team to aid on your marketing / branding strategy through deeper understanding and discussion.


We help on building visuals until activation for your brand 
Ideal for newly established brand/business or rebranding. Draft and redesign a professional Company Profile, Name Card, Packaging and many others. 

Social Media Management

We help you to build content and stories for your brand through social media, because having social media without something to tell is no point. This service includes Instagram, TikTok and Google My Business Page management.

Influencer Outreach

Engaging influencers to promote your product or brand is not a simple job, with this service, we make sure you pay for the right profiles, deliver the right messsage to your audience through the influencers.

Visual Production

We develop creative content including collaterals design, photos, videos, animation, untill website development to help on your digital branding. Visual is how people perceive your brand, having consistent look and design that fits your target market.

Ads Management

We help you manage Facebook and Instagram Ads, starting from discovery meeting, setting objectives, produce Ads Media, Targeting, Monitoring until Reporting.





A marketing enthusiast who graduated as Bachelor of Business (Marketing) from RMIT University, Australia. She Joined an International chain hotel right after she graduated and being promoted 3 times in 3 consecutive years in her first company. She is known as a person with integrity, committed, trustworthy to every person she has worked with. With more than 7 years experience in Marketing, there is no doubt how much she loves branding and marketing stuff!



One of the sick traveling girl, loves food and adventure. The youngest in the team yet the loudest. She worked in a 5 star hotel in Medan while journaling her food culinary around and outside the city because she realised that eating is just as much as just important part of travel experience. Her working experience managing many corporates events, she gained a lot of insights from her clients. As millennial who is well connected, she has also found interest in branding and marketing. 



Founder of one of the top Wedding Organiser company in Medan, Helen known as a very assertive and perfectionist in her job. More than a decade experience in the Event Organiser Industry, she has all the connections you need to host all kind of events in the city. With her in the Baraloka Co-Founding Team, she will be leading Baravents to help companies and brands strengthen their brands through a well planned and meaningful events.  


These are Baraloka’s digital buddies who we are working with and who has trusted our service.



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